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Google AdWords

Millions of People today rely on Search Engines to provide answers/options for Research, Shopping & Entertainment.

Google AdWords comes to your help and you can start reaching to this audience right way without waiting for Organic Ranking Results.

Next Best Option is Google AdWords that allow you to show your Ads to prospective customers on the basis of Keyword, Countries, Regions or Cities – or within a set distance from your business and in line with your working hours. 

These prospective customers can be targeted in the following ways:

  1. Visitors on sites affiliated with Search Network  i.e. Result Pages of all the Google Powered Search Engines where AdWords ads can appear
  2. Visitors on websites affiliated with Display Network i.e. thousands of websites using Google AdSense that allow for your ads to be displayed based on certain criteria

Given the wide variety of Campaign Type Options and depth associated with each of them, Formal Training/Certification on Google AdWords is highly recommended.

You will come across numerous instances where lowly qualified professionals/companies consume Google Adwords Budget in no time by not practicing the right techniques leading to client’s loss of money, resources and time.

There should be no scope for Trial & Error Method being deployed in Google AdWords Campaigns.

Therefore, Familiarity with Google AdWords becomes an important Skill for Mid-Senior Level Digital Marketing Job as it helps them optimally manage/supervise their AdWords Campaigns.

Also, Formal Training/Certification sets apart experienced Sales & Marketing Professionals from their peers and enhance their chances of getting hold of better job opportunity in Digital Marketing Domain.

Even at Entry Level (0-2 Year Experience), Google AdWords Training/Certification is one of the most sought after skills where demand exceeds supply of Google AdWords Trained/Certified Professionals.

KnowledgeWoods Google AdWords Training has been developed to assist participants with in depth understanding of Processes, Techniques & Tools associated with Google AdWords through Trainer led interactive discussions and Hands-On Practice Labs.

After successful completion, the participants will be able to Create, Execute and Analyze Google AdWords Campaigns in line with business objectives.

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    Seeking details for:

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