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Organic Social Media Marketing

As we speak, in excess of 1.4 billion people worldwide are using Facebook to connect/make new friends and share/see content as per their preferences.

Sales/Marketing Staff worldwide have this opportunity to use the free nature of Social Media Platform to sell services/products, Promote Brands and Get Feedback through the mantra of "Engage, Create Interest & Sell".

While Paid Social Media Marketing may produce almost instant results as compared to Organic Media but it also requires a continued, never ending investment  of funds to perform.

The organic Social Media Marketing takes investment of time and money initially but once a follower community is created, then communicating any message to them is easy and does not cost you money.

Content can then be generated by community members and all of them gain access to wide variety of content without your company investing more money. This, in turn leads to more engagement with your company’s product/services and ensures word of mouth subscription increase in times to come.

Also, what people are talking about your product/service can be monitored using Social Listening, thereby prompting you to take corrective/preventive measures.

As such, it becomes very important for business to invest in Organic Social Media Marketing  and monitor subscriber activity in relevance to their product/service.

Leveraging organic Social Media Marketing, you can:

  1. Promote your Brand and build a loyal customer/prospect base using Fan Page
  2. Engage with Existing/Prospective Customers by providing a direct, informal communication channel
  3. Promote Content relevant to your Product/Service Business
  4. Target Relevant Groups to Promote/Increase Participation for your event
  5. Share Special Offer for your Product/Service

Running a Successful Organic Social Media Campaign needs Sales/Marketing Staff to understand wide platform’s capability and audience preferences in detail and as such, Campaign’s Success depend on the social media professional’s skill to a large extent.

Since Brands are keen to derive Return on Investment (ROI) on Organic Social Media Campaigns, expertise in Design, Distribution and Monitoring of Organic Social Media Campaigns become an important Skill for Mid-Senior Level Digital Marketing Job.

It also acts as one of the key skills that set apart experienced Sales & Marketing Professionals from their peers and enhance their chances of getting hold of better job opportunity in Digital Marketing Domain.

KnowledgeWoods organic Social Media Marketing Training has been developed to assist participants with in depth understanding of Process, Techniques & Tools through Trainer led interactive discussions and Hand-On Practice Labs.

After successful completion, the participants will be able to Conceptualize, Execute and Analyze organic Social Media Campaigns in line with identified business objectives.

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    Seeking details for:

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