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Practitioners Approach to Project Management - PAtPM®

Professionals should be aware that when talking about a Sales/Marketing Campaign, Strategic Planning, New Product Development, HR Initiative, Organizational Change, Policy Roll out, Product Deployment, Mergers and Acquisitions, Outsourcing, etc. - they are speaking about varied initiatives that have to executed in the form of projects of various sizes.

No matter What You do – Project Management in becoming one of the most critical skill set required in any kind of job at all levels.

Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance, Product Development, HR, Training, Procurement, Legal, Risk – all of them deal with projects.

KnowledgeWoods Three (03) Days Practitioners Approach to Project Management program has been designed to expose participants to Best Practices in Project Management in an interactive & collaborative way and Learn to Apply the same using project management software – Microsoft® Project.

Throughout the program, participants manage a project throughout its life cycle in the context of a Case Study project.

Focus of this program is on ensuring & encouraging - “How the participants can make a difference in their work environment by applying the Best Practices in Project Management using Microsoft® Project”

As such, over and above understanding key project management concepts, they also create important project management documents in a trainer led safe environment.

Also, Practitioners Approach to Project Management adopts jargon-free training approach to Project Management and as such, participation levels are considerably high throughout the program.

Who should attend Practitioners Approach to Project Management Program:-

  • Project Staff with 0-4 Years Experience
  • PMO Staff, Project Coordinator, Project Controls Specialist, Project Supervisor
  • Professionals from Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance, HR Department, Procurement, Legal Departments responsible for project execution
  • Professionals looking to make a career in the field of Project Management
  • Mid Level Project Staff (4-8 Years Experience) looking to build their Project Management Competency and appear for PMI® Certifications
  • Business Owners who are looking to learn How to plan, execute and control a project effectively


  • Appreciate structured approach to project management is‚ how a project team is organized‚ and how the project schedule is created and used.
  • Understand what all Project Management Documents need to be created and Why?
  • Arriving at the overall Project Schedule
  • Understand the Project Quality Management Concept
  • Understand the importance of Risk Management in projects
  • Effectively Track the Overall Progress of the Project
  • Effectively Monitor and Control the Project
  • Successfully complete and close the Project
  • Optimally use Microsoft® Project to plan and manage project throughout its Life Cycle



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    Seeking details for:

    My team/Organization