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Welcome To Knowledgewoods®™

Established in the year 2007, Knowledgewoods®™ today, offers 75+ Certifications and/or Competency Development Training Programs across India, US, Middle East and South Africa.

Having trained 95,000+ professionals worldwide, Knowledgewoods®™works closely with project staff across industry verticals for the Certification/Competency Development Initiatives.

Over 500 Companies worldwide have chosen to work with Knowledgewoods®™ in order to empower their employees in understanding as well as helping them apply the best practices at workplace.

With rich and diverse exposure across all industry verticals, we adopt an innovative approach to ensure an in-depth understanding of customer's business needs and then provide them with the Best-Fit Approach.

Our Mission & Vision:

We at Knowledgewoods®™ aim to deliver superior learning and development services that meet and exceed our customer's expectations, provide growth opportunities for our employees thereby enhancing profitability to all.

Our Mission is to become the most Essential, Respected, and Professional Development Company worldwide adhering to our values and ethos. We envision to become a World Leader in Professional Development Services through continuous improvement driven by the Innovation, Teamwork, and the Integrity of our People.

Our Commitment:

We at Knowledgewoods®™ provide a wide range of Professional Certifications that matter for your career.  We are committed to:

  • Contribute towards the ongoing professional development of Project Managers, Program Managers, Engineers, IT Staff, Quality Management Professionals, PMP® Certification Holders, all other professionals involved in Project, Quality and Information Technology domains.
  • Provide Quality, Value for Money, and Hands-on Training backed by Best-in-Class Deliverables and Dedicated Toll Free Post-Training  and Support which helps participants clear the desired Certification/Competency Development.

Also, the real-life examples gained through our Learning Interventions are most likely to help participants apply Best Practices at the workplace. This will not only enhance their skill sets but also provide them an edge over other non-certified professionals.

Our Services:

As a leading Education Provider, Knowledgewoods®™ possess expertise in Consulting, Training, and Support Services across the following domains:

  • Project Management | Program Management | Portfolio Management
  • Quality Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • IT Service Management
  • Business Analysis
  • People | Process | Tool Assessment Solutions
  • e-Learning Content Development | Customized Training Content Development

Contact Us:

For any additional information, please write to us at & call us at +91 9354119471