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PeopleCert SCRUM Master I

Scrum is a framework that helps teams work together. It increases team productivity by encouraging team players to learn through experiences, self-organise, and continuously improve. IT teams use Scrum to develop, deliver, and maintain complex software products. However, Scrum principles can be applied to all kinds of areas: Research, Sales, Marketing, and Customer support - to name a few.

How does Scrum work? Based on Agile principles, it enables teams to self-organise by encouraging close collaboration between all team members and specialisms involved. Scrum challenges the assumptions of the sequential approach to Product development and replaces it with an Iterative process. It includes a set of meetings, tools, and roles that work in harmony to help teams structure and manage their work.The goal of this approach is to timely capture changes in customers' needs, along with any other unpredictable challenges that may occur — for which a sequential approach is not suted. As such, Scrum uses an evidence-based framework that embraces the fact that problems cannot be fully defined upfront. Instead, it focuses on maximising the team's ability to respond to emerging requirements, deliver value quickly, and adapt to new market conditions. 

Why is it important to hold a Scrum certification? Holding a Scrum certification proves the candidate's familiarity with Scrum practices, beyond the mere knowledge of terminology. It shows to employers that the candidate has the potential to be the person they need to cover the Scrum Master role in their teams. Whether the candidate is a Scrum beginner or a seasoned professional, a certification a significant advantage when aiming to motivate and lead teammates.


When you attend the KnowledgeWoods SCRUM Master I Certification Program, you will learn how to:

  • The definition and purpose of Agile
  • The 3 pillars of Scrum: Inspection, Adaptation, and Transparency
  • The 5 Scrum values: Commitment, Focus, Openness, Respect, and Courage
  • The Characteristics of an effective Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Developer
  • The purposes of different Artifacts and Events in Scrum
  • How multilevel planning can help your team develop long-term goals and create more realistic strategies to achieve them.
  • How to identify the attributes of the product backlog and understand how it can evolve as your product and environment changes
  • The techniques for managing technical debt.
  • The purpose and steps involved in Scrum events such as product backlog grooming, sprint planning, execution, daily Scrum, review, and retrospective.


Through the above learning objectives, candidates will demonstrate relevant knowledge skills in the following areas:

  • Introduction to Agile Project Management
  • An Introduction to Scrum
  • The Scrum Team
  • Scrum Artifacts
  • Scrum Events
  • Releasing the Increment



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    Seeking details for:

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    SCRUM Master I Certification Benefits

    • Makes you aware of the Best Practices in Agile Project Management
    • Act as Qualification/ Disqualification Criteria for Top Paying Agile Project Management Jobs in the UK and Europe
    • Recognizes your Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Globally
    • Lead to Career Opportunities and Advancement
    • Increases Chances of Getting Better Jobs at the Mid/Senior Level
    • Contribute towards Enhancing/ Improving organizational Agile project management processes.
    • Shows your commitment to the Agile Project Management profession

    How to become SCRUM Master I Certified?

    • Meet the Qualifying Criteria
    • Undertake training based on Latest SCRUM Master I Manual
    • Attend 3 Days of Training
    • Attempt SCRUM Master I Certification Exam on the 3rd Day

    What Can KnowledgeWoods Do for You?

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    • Provide a Road Map for SCRUM Master I Certification
    • Share Details about Costs associated with the SCRUM Master I Exam.
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