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Microsoft® Project 2019

Microsoft® Project 2019 is the newest release in Microsoft®'s family of Project Management software programs that assists the Project Management staff in tasks related to project plan development, resource allocation, progress tracking, cost management, and a lot more.

As a mid to senior level project staff like Program Manager, Project Administrator, IT Professional, Business Analyst, or a Project Manager leading multiple projects, it becomes very important for you to leverage the Project Management Software like Microsoft® Project 2019 to manage projects effectively.

As a leading Microsoft® Learning Partner & PMI® Global R.E.P., Knowlettwoods Solutions aims to make participants understand how to use the Microsoft® Project to become more productive at work and manage projects better.

Companies across industry verticals are looking for formally trained/certified Microsoft® Project staff for Planning, Monitoring, and Control of projects. Experienced Trainers, Module wise Hands-On Exercises, Quality Deliverables, Query Handling Facility over email, and Dedicated Post Training Support are the key features that sets us apart from our competitors.

Over 100 participants from companies like Steria, HP, Airvana, Tech Mahindra, CSC, SAP Labs, SunGard, RBS, Orange FTG Group, IBM, S1 Corporation, and TCS just to name a few, have chosen KnowledgeWoods Consulting to prepare and successfully clear Microsoft® Project 2019 Certification Examinations.

We understand what Microsoft® Project Training means to you and as such, provide you multiple training modes like Classroom and LIVE-Learning to prepare for Microsoft® Project Certification/Competency Development Training Program.


Microsoft® Project 2019 is the new and updated Project Management software from Microsoft® Corp. The software program serves as a secure and reliable platform for the project staff where various tedious and time taking Project Management tasks such as budget management, project designing, allocation of resources, tracking project progress, and much more can be easily managed in just a few clicks!

KnowledgeWoods introduces its Hands-on training program on Microsoft® Project 2019 where you get a practical exposure to the key functionalities and applications of Microsoft® Project 2019 and are taught to leverage optimal utilization of the software.

As Microsoft® Project is among the most extensively used Project Management software across the world, project professionals with in-depth working knowledge of the software are more likely to have a better success graph than those who are new to it. It is, therefore, highly recommended for the entire project staff to professionally upgrade their skill set with the knowledge of Microsoft® Project 2019.

The benefits of getting formally trained in Microsoft® Project 2019 are immense, and that's why the money that's spent in terms of Microsoft® Project 2019 training cost is no less comparable to an investment towards one's career.
We conduct weekend workshops on Microsoft® Project 2019 at the cost of INR 7,199/-(GST)!

The training participants are provided with an easy to comprehend Reference Handbook along with the trial version of the Microsoft® Project 2019 software.

The Microsoft® Project 2019 Course and Cost Details:

The table below provides a detailed information on the KnowledgeWoods Microsoft® Project 2019 training program, mode of training, Microsoft® Project 2019 training cost, training duration, and the workshop dates:

Available Microsoft® Project 2019 CoursesMode of TrainingTraining DurationTraining Cost (INR)
Project Management using Microsoft® Project 2019 Online 2 Days /16 Hours 7,199

Please note that the Microsoft® Project 2019 training cost mentioned above covers charges for the training sessions, program deliverables, and lunch, tea and snacks that are served during the training days. The mentioned Microsoft® Project 2019 training cost also covers the price for the trial version of Microsoft® Project 2019 software.

Why Enroll for KnowledgeWoods Microsoft® Project 2019 Training?

KnowledgeWoods is a prominent company and PMI® Global R.E.P. (ID - 4850) in India. The institute has been successfully delivering hands-on training programs for a wide array of Microsoft® courses including Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, Project 2016/2019, Project Server, and many more, throughout the year all across the nation.

Our Microsoft® Project 2019 training program is a practical learning platform where participants are exposed to diverse features, functionalities, and applications of Microsoft® Project 2019 software, and are prepared to confidently leverage the software for the betterment of their work.

Participants enrolling for the training program are provided with an easy-to-understand Reference Handbook that help facilitate learning and enables deepened understanding of the concepts taught during the training. The sessions are conducted by experienced Microsoft® Certified Trainers (MCTs), and thus provides an opportunity for the attendees to gain utmost clarity on the working of Microsoft® Project 2019.

KnowledgeWoods Microsoft® Project 2019 training is available at the most competitive prices and thus presents a must grab opportunity for all the Microsoft® Project 2019 aspirants!

Step Ahead - Enroll into our Microsoft® Project 2019 Training Program Today Itself!



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