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Microsoft Project Server 2013

The Microsoft® Project Server 2013 is the latest release in the Project Server family from Microsoft®. It is a Project Management server solution that uses Microsoft® SharePoint as the foundation and is employed for storing project information at a central location, thereby facilitating Project, Program, and Portfolio Management.

Recognized as a High end, High performance project software, the Microsoft® Project Server 2013 is the clear choice of project professionals across industry verticals like IT/ITeS, Pharmaceuticals, Utilities, Energy, Power, and Telecom, just to name a few.

KnowledgeWoods Consulting’s Microsoft® Project Server 2013 Course has been conceptualized in line with the Best Practices in Project Management and provide an interactive, hands-on learning experience to participants.

As a leading professional development company, KnowledgeWoods Consulting aims to make participants understand how to use the Microsoft® Project Server 2013 to become more productive at work and manage projects better.

Experienced Trainers, Module wise Hands-On Exercises, Quality Deliverables, Query Handling Facility over email, and  Dedicated Post Training Support are key features that sets us apart from our competitors.

We understand what Project Server Training means to you, and as such, provide you LIVE-Learning to enhance competency in Microsoft® Project Server 2013.

Program Outline

Course IDMicrosoft® Certification NameCourse Modules
Community Course Content - 55034A Microsoft® Project Server 2013 Inside Out
  • Overview
  • Architecture, Installation, and Upgrade
  • Setup and Administer Project Web Access
  • Permissions and Security
  • Enterprise Custom Calendars, Fields and Lookup Tables
  • Time and Task Management
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • Project Sites
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Troubleshooting and Maintenance
- Implementing and Administering Microsoft® Project Server 2013
  • Introduction and Overview of Project Server
  • Understanding the Human Challenge
  • Applying a Deployment Process
  • Installing Microsoft® Project Server 2013
  • Post-Installation Configuration
  • Understanding the Project Web App 2013 Interface
  • Creating System Metadata and Calendars
  • Configuring Portfolio and Project Governance
  • Building and Managing the Enterprise Resource Pool
  • Initial Project Server Configuration
  • Configuring Time and Task Tracking
  • Configuring Project Server Security
  • Building the Project Environment
  • Creating and Managing Views
  • Working with SharePoint and Project Sites
  • Configuring Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • Managing Project Server Day to Day
- Microsoft® Project Server 2013 Managing Projects & Portfolios
  • Introducing Microsoft® Project Server 2013
  • Preparing to use Project Server
  • Creating New Proposed Projects
  • Creating Enterprise Projects
  • Task Planning
  • Resource and Assignment Planning
  • Project Execution
  • Tracking Time and Task Progress
  • Approving Time and Task Progress
  • Variance Analysis, Plan Revision, and Reporting
  • Managing Personal Settings
  • Collaborating with Project Sites
  • Managing Project Sites
  • Working with Status Reports
  • Working in the Resource Center
  • Working with the Project Center and Project Views
  • Working with Business Intelligence




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    Seeking details for:

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