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ITIL 4 Foundation Certification

Based on Best Practices in IT Service Management - ITIL® 4 Foundation Certification is a globally recognized examination-based professional credential program that is accredited and managed by PEOPLECERT – the leading Player in Global Certifications Industry.

ITIL® 4 Foundation Certification has been specifically designed for IT Project Infrastructure Staff working across industry verticals like IT/ITeS, Software, Construction, Power/Energy, Government, Defense, Telecom, Manufacturing, Research & Development, Product Development, Oil & Gas, to name a few.

This certification serves as a foundation to build a career in the IT Infrastructure/IT Service Support Role.

Top companies recommend their IT, Networking, Desktop Support, IT Infrastructure Support, Database Support, Application Support to become ITIL® Certified as they know that have an idea of what to expect from an ITIL® Certification Holder, as opposed to someone else with the same Degree/Diploma but no ITIL® Certification.

With an overall experience of delivering 300+ ITIL® 4 Foundation Certification to 5,000+ participants, KnowledgeWoods has emerged as a Trusted Partner for the ITIL® 4 Foundation Certification Initiative.

We understand what ITIL® Certification means to you, and as such, provide you multiple training modes like Classroom, LIVE Learning & e-Learning to prepare for ITIL® Certification and Prepare for a career in IT Infrastructure Services role.


Delivered by an experienced ITIL® Certified Trainer & Practitioner, KnowledgeWoods ITIL® 2011 Foundation Certification Program objectives are:

  • Expose participants to internationally recognized Best Practice terminology, structure, basic concepts, and the core principles of ITIL® 2011 Foundation Certification practices for Service Management
  • Help Participants Prepare to clear the latest ITIL® 2011 Foundation Certification Exam at the very First Attempt



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    Seeking details for:

    My team/Organization

    Benefits of ITIL® Foundation Certification

    • Makes you aware of the Best Practices in ITSM
    • Act as Qualification/Disqualification Criteria for Entry Level, Top paying IT Infrastructure/Support Jobs
    • Recognizes your Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Globally
    • Lead to Career Opportunities and Advancement
    • Increases Chances of Getting Better Jobs at Entry/Mid Level
    • Establishes Foundation for a Career in IT Service Management
    • Contribute towards Enhancing/Improving organizational service management processes
    • Shows your commitment to the IT Service Management profession

    How to become ITIL® 4 Certified

    • Undertake ITIL® Training based on AXELOS Guidelines
    • Attempt Mock Exams
    • Schedule ITIL® 4 Exam
    • Pass ITIL® 4 Exam
       Foundation Certificate
    • Two (2) Days Classroom Training/24 Hours of eLearning
    • PDUs Certificate
    • Five (5) Mock Test

    What can KnowledgeWoods do for you?

    • Assess Participant's Profile
    • Provide Road Map for ITIL® Certification
    • Share Details about Costs associated with ITIL® Exam
    • E-Learning Training
    • Query Handling Facility over E-mail
    • ITIL® Exam Mock Tests
    • Customer Support over E-mail for
      - ITIL Application Submission
      - Exam Booking