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Mobile Marketing

With increased Internet Availability worldwide, Today the Number of Mobile Users worldwide has already surpassed Desktop users.

Mobile Marketing is all set to provide Sales/Marketing Staff another important channel to drive Prospect/Customer Engagement and eventually, Increase Sales.

Leveraging Mobile Marketing, you can:

  1. Engage with Existing/Prospective Customers by creating awareness about your Product/Service
  2. Increase App Downloads
  3. Make use of Mobile Commerce to allow prospects/customers buy product/service over mobile devices
  4. Interact with Prospects/Customers Proximity targeting Local Areas using Location-based marketing on mobile devices.
  5. Send SMS to Target Markets based on variety of parameters like Geography, Age, Marital Status, Occupation, Location, Corporate User Groups just to name a few
  6. Drive Engagement on Websites/Social Media using QR codes are – QR – ‘Quick Response‘ where a web based content, a URL really is tied to Real-world message, objects or locations.

So, by now Sales/Marketing Staff should have figured out how to make most of Mobile Marketing? Not Really.

You would be surprised to know that still the Bulk of online Marketing Spend goes to Desktop.

This trend is set to change – However, to fully leverage Mobile Marketing, this is what you typically need:

  1. Identify Value Proposition: What type of Content your Prospects and Customers are more likely to Click & Read
  2. Identify Action Item: What do you want your Prospects and Customers to do i.e. Subscribe to an offer, Click on a button that lead to the website or an App Install
  3. Design & Develop Creative that Works: Compelling Prospects/Customers to Click on the Ad
  4. Ensuring Renderability: Proper Testing to make sure that Mobile User Experience is superior and your website/app is compatible with Target Audience Mobile OS like Android, Windows & iOS
  5. Finalize Your Audience to Personalize Campaigns: Segregating Lists and Running Personalized Campaigns based on individual preferences have a direct impact on Campaign Success
  6. Schedule Campaign: Selecting Day/Time and Frequency of campaigns In line with Prospect/Customer Preferences has a direct impact on Campaign Effectiveness
  7. A/B Testing: Prepare at least 2 Creatives and run sample campaigns on Target Audience to check which performs best and then roll out the campaign using that creative
  8. Measure Campaign: Monitoring Campaigns to check effectiveness and modify the same to continuously improve results

You will come across numerous instances where lowly qualified professionals/companies consume Mobile Marketing Budget in no time by not practicing the right techniques leading to client’s loss of money, resources and time.

There should be no scope for Trial & Error Method being deployed in Mobile Marketing Campaigns. Therefore, it becomes important for every brand to look for Return on Investment (ROI) on Mobile Marketing Campaigns.

As such, Familiarity with Mobile Marketing Best Practices becomes an important Skill for Mid-Senior Level Digital Marketing Job as it helps them optimally manage/supervise their AdWords Campaign.

Even at Entry Level (0-2 Year Experience), Mobile Marketing is one of the most sought after skills where demand exceeds supply of Professionals who can take ownership of Mobile Marketing Campaigns.

KnowledgeWoods Mobile Marketing Training has been developed to assist participants with in depth understanding of overall Process, Techniques & Tools through Trainer led interactive discussions and Hands-On Practice Labs.

After successful completion, the participants will be able to Create, Execute and Analyze Mobile Marketing Campaigns in line with business objectives.

    Key Features

    • Personal Website Domain & Hosting
    • Apply Key Concepts using Case Studies with Individual Google AdWords & Facebook Credits
    • 'Do It Yourself Videos' for installing Major Open Source Software on Website
    • Lifetime Access to KnowledgeWoods Digital Marketing Resource Center comprising of Videos Links, Templates, Checklists, Road Map etc.
    • Preparation for 6 Google AdWords & Google Analytics Certification
    • Monthly Personality Development & Interview Preparation Sessions by Industry Experts
    • 6 Months Query Resolution/Doubts Clearing Facility over Email
    • Post Training Job Assistance Facility



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