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Advanced Microsoft� Excel 2013

The Microsoft® Excel is a spreadsheet application that is primarily used for dealing with complex data manipulation and analysis related tasks. The application effectively helps in turning vast amounts of raw data into well-organized meaningful information in minimal timeframes, thereby expediting the overall quality and delivery of work.

Appropriate knowledge about the optimal use of the Microsoft® Excel software considerably adds to one's productivity at the workplace, and this is why advanced level training on Microsoft® Excel 2013 is considered to be the need of today for professionals involving Microsoft® Excel as a part of their daily work routine.

Here is YOUR chance to Learn the Microsoft® Excel Tools and Techniques by enrolling in our Hands-on Advanced Microsoft® Excel Training workshops where you get to learn the Microsoft® Excel formulas, shortcuts, macros and much more that help raise your efficiency and effectiveness at work.

Enroll in the KnowledgeWoods Advanced Microsoft® Excel Training Program where you will:


Important Microsoft® Excel features and functionalities to unlock the full potential of the software!

With significant updates, Microsoft® Excel allows you to:

  • Enhance your productivity and efficiency at work
  • Manipulate large amounts of data with minimal requirements of time
  • Perform the most complex of calculations with much ease
  • Easily connect and share information with other people across the world

When participants attend KnowledgeWoods Advanced Microsoft® Excel Training, they learn to leverage the maximum potential of the application that helps raise their productivity as well as accuracy at work.

As such, with Advanced Microsoft® Excel Training, professionals gain a better understanding of:

  • Microsoft® Excel Formulas and Macros
  • Data Analysis and Manipulation using Excel tools and techniques
  • Sharing and Collaborating information with other users

    Key Features

    • Copyrighted Approach
    • Dedicated Post Training Support
    • Sessions delivered by Microsoft® Certified Trainers
    • Best-in-Class Workshop Deliverables



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