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Project Management Professional (PMP®)

More than 800,000 professionals across industry verticals have chosen the PMP® Certification by Project Management Institute®, USA to get Global Recognition of their Project Management Competency and Earn up to 30% More than Non-Certified Professionals!

With an overall experience of delivering 3500+ Classroom PMP® Preparation Programs to 95,000+ participants - Knowledgewoods®™- A Knowlettwoods Solutions Brand has emerged as a Trusted Partner for the PMP® Certification Initiative.

We understand what PMP® Certification means to you, and as such, provide you multiple training modes like Classroom, Live Learning, and e-Learning to prepare for the PMP® Certification and Get your hands on Better Job Opportunities!


The Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential is Project Management profession's most globally recognized and respected certification.

KnowledgeWoods works closely with PMP® aspirants worldwide to help them understand their investment from a Cost/Time perspective when they choose to prepare for PMP® Certification and how they stand to derive tangible/intangible benefits from being a PMP® Certified Professional.

Typically, there are three costs associated with the PMP® Certification:

  1. PMI® Membership Cost
  2. PMP® Training Cost
  3. PMP® Certification Exam Cost

The PMP® Training Cost varies on a variety of factors like location and mode of delivery - LIVE Learning and eLearning.

Feel free to write to us at with your location and preferred mode of delivery. Our PMP® Certified Experts will get back to you with the relevant details.

PMP® Certification Exam CostBenefits of PMP® Certification
  • PMI® Membership Cost - USD $129
  • One Time Application Fee - USD $10
  • For PMI® Members
    • PMP® Exam Cost - USD $405
  • For Non-PMI® Members
    • PMP® Exam Cost - USD $555
  • Payable Directly to PMI® by Credit Card or Wire Transfer

In case, the participant fails to clear the PMP® Certification Exam, he/she can re-appear upon filling a small application form.

  • PMP® Certification Re-Examination Cost
    • For PMI® Members: USD $275
    • For Non-PMI® Members: USD $375
  • Shows Commitment towards the Project Management Profession
  • Invariably Leads to Better Paying Jobs
  • Acts as a Qualification/Disqualification Criteria for Delivery/Project Management Roles
  • Enhances your Knowledge about Project Management Best Practices
  • Increases Recognition from Peers for Taking the Extra Step in Professional Development
  • Recognizes your skills and abilities
  • Prepares for Greater Job Opportunities
  • Become a part of the Global PMP® Certified Community - Take the first step to ensure continuous professional development



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    Seeking details for:

    My team/Organization

    PMP® Certification Benefits

    • Makes you aware of the Best Practices in Project Management
    • Shows your commitment to the project management profession
    • Acts as a Qualification/ Disqualification Criteria for Top paying Project Management Jobs
    • Recognizes your knowledge, skills, and abilities globally
    • Leads to career opportunities and advancement
    • Leads to Better Earning – PMP® Certified Project Staff earn up to 30% more than Non-Certified Staff
    • Contribute towards Enhancing/ Improving organizational project management processes

    How to become PMP® ?

    • Meet Qualifying Criteria
    • Undertake Formal Project Management Training
    • 35 Contact Hours of Education
    • Become PMI® Member
    • Apply for PMP® Certification
    • Schedule Exam at Pearson VUE centers
    • Appear for the exam
    • Pass the Exam
    • Start working towards continuous professional development

    What can we do for you?

    • Assess Participant's Profile
    • Provide a Road Map for PMP® Certification
    • Share Details about Costs associated with the PMP® Exam
    • Provide Options to attend 35 Hours Training via
      - Live Learning
      - E-Learning
    • Query Handling Facility over E-mail
    • PMP® Exam Mock Tests
    • Customer Support over E-mail for
      - PMI® Membership
      - PMP® Application Submission
      - Exam Booking